Friday 13 February 2015

Blackwood Coffee

235 Morningside Rd
EH10 4QT
Open every day
Coffee: Square Mile & guests
Also: Light meals, scones, beans
Coolness: Amongst Morningside's boutique shops

Blackwood Coffee (5♥) has the same high coffee standards as sister shops with the same owner Wellington Coffee, Project Coffee, Press and Kilimanjaro. Square Mile coffee is on offer along with regular guests and the baristas do a lovely job of preparing it.

Blackwood has a chilled out feel with plenty of regulars dropping in for take-away as well as eat-in. Big open windows at the front let in plenty of light and you can watch the bustling Morningside Road activity. Bentwood style chairs and small round wooden tables with plenty of space around them add to the relaxed environment.

You can get great scones and other light snacks as well as soup.

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