Wednesday 15 April 2015

Peter's Yard Quartermile

27 Simpson Loan
Open every day
Espresso and filter
Coffee: Johan & Nyström
Also: Cakes and tarts to order
Coolness: Amazing breads and buns a stone's throw from the Meadows

Peter's Yard - Quartermile (3♥) is part of the Quartermile development and specialises in artisan crispbreads and breads, eat in or take home. They've got lots to choose from including sticky buns, cakes, tortes, crisp breads and very yummy looking pizza among others. They use Swedish roaster Johan & Nyström and do a good job with it, offering espresso based and filter coffees.

To say they 'specialise' in artisan crispbreads and breads is really an understatement. Peter's Yard is owned by the same folk as Soderberg and they've got depthless skill and experience in this field and offer baked goods you pretty much can't get anywhere else in Edinburgh. So coming here for their food is definitely the way to go!

This is a big modern space with high ceilings and virtually all the walls are glass so light pours in. It has a mix of communal and smaller tables with a Scandinavian feel to the timber flooring and furnishings. There's also a large outdoor area with tables and chairs that looks on to the walkway that, within a minute takes you either up to the Old Town's George IV Bridge or along to The Meadows. Understandably, it's a favourite for cyclists, walkers and families with kids who've got lots of energy to burn off.

You order and pay at the counter with friendly staff who then bring your food and drink to you.

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