Saturday 11 April 2015

Press Coffee

30 Buccleuch St
Open every day
Coffee: Square Mile & guests
Also: Meals and beans
Coolness: Tucked away and calm

Press Coffee (5♥) is a chilled out, light space with wooden floor boards, yellow walls, a high ceiling and round tables and chairs.

It's in the vicinity of the rambling Edinburgh University and, in the way of food, they stock soups, panini, scones, salads, breakfast and brunch options along with cakes and other sweet things.

Press has the same owners as Kilimanjaro, which is closeby on Nicholson Street, and Wellington, Project Coffee and Blackwood. All use Square Mile coffee and have consistent and passionate baristas.

Square Mile rotate their coffee seasonally and Press sometimes have guest beans.

Press gets the thumbs up (am also rather fond of the blue cups)

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