Friday 14 September 2018

The Coffee Apothecary - Udny

Udny Post Office
Udny, Ellon
AB41 7PQ
Open every day
Espresso, cafetiere, aeropress, chemex, v60
Coffee: Artisan Roast
Also: Meals, beans, mail, car tax, foreign currency
Coolness: Sort out your postage while you enjoy a pour-over

The Coffee Apothecary (5♥) is a stone-fronted cafe just outside Pitmedden, about half an hour's drive, North of Aberdeen.

Well-made specialty coffee is still rare in this part of the world, so The Coffee Apothecary is a very welcome sight for local and visiting coffee lovers. Owners Ali and Jonny are performing nothing less than a community service in that regard! And are also very friendly to boot.

Not stopping at espresso, it's also great to see 'slow brew' cafetiere and filter methods on the menu, using a range of Scottish roaster Artisan Roast's beans.

On the food front you can enjoy breakfast and lunch - and morning and afternoon teas of course. Breakfasts include granola, pancakes, breakfast rolls and big breakfasts. For lunch you'll choose from soups, chilli, salad and wraps among others. And then you'll need some cake, so there's a good choice available.

The cafe is large and thoughtfully decorated with an emphasis on reusing all sorts of materials creatively. There are plenty of recycled, timber tables and chairs inside as well as an outdoor seating area (which is great for cyclists to keep an eye on their bikes).

They're also an operational post office adding to both the quirkiness and usefulness. You can get your mail or road tax sorted out while you're there.

Ali and Jonny have transformed this post office into a stylish, classy and warm coffee shop that's a real joy to visit.


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