Monday 10 September 2018

Castello Coffee - Bruntsfield

7-8 Barclay Terrace
EH10 4HP
Open every day
Coffee: Allpress
Also: Breakfasts, salads, cakes
Coolness: Different spaces to hang out in, overlooking the green 

Castello Coffee Bruntsfield (5♥) is just off the main road through Bruntsfield and overlooks the edge of the large green fields of Bruntsfield Links.

Owner Sandro's original shop is in Castle Street - hence the name Castello. And he's using the same coffee from his long-time London pals Allpress on his shiny La Marzocco Strada. The Redchurch blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Guatemalan and Sumatran delivers big caramel and chocolate flavours, with a little citrus to add some cut through. Sandro aims to make batch brew available in time, and will feature other coffees.

The cafe building used to be two shops and the spaces are divided accordingly. There's a mezzanine floor on the left side with quite a bit of bench and chair seating under a low-ish ceiling which gives it a cozy feel. On the right, the ceilings are full height and the seating space tapers in as you go further to the back of the shop, again with plenty of tables and chairs.

The menu is varied and includes cooked and lighter breakfasts, salads and sweet things from local cakers & bakers Leo's Beanery. Vegetarians will find plenty of choice and there's a skew toward healthy foods.

The decor feels relaxed, warm and light. The pale teal, white and timber colour scheme maximises the light that comes in through the front and rear windows, but the soft seating and exposed brick combines to create a calming environment in tune with the greenery out front.

All in all a lovely spot and a great addition to the local community!


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