Sunday 9 September 2018

Quay Commons

92 Commercial St
Open every day
Coffee: Williams & Johnson
Also: Meals, cake, wine

Quay Commons (4♥) is a friendly combination of bakery, cafe, restaurant, bar and wine shop located in a historic industrial warehouse a stone's throw from Leith's Custom House and The Shore. You can walk in off Commercial Street through the stone-arch and past bulk bags of fresh veggies or via the rear of the row of warehouses and their large outdoor area - amongst the rail track and water ways of times gone by.

Owned by the same folk as restaurant Gardener's Cottage, Quay Commons have chosen hyper local coffee roasters Williams & Johnson - who are a few doors away in Customs Lane.

Quay Commons do a fine job serving espresso-based coffees using W&J's seasonal espresso blend of single origin beans. We're big fans of W&J coffees because they're juicy, interesting and change regularly so drinkers get to explore origins as the seasons change. (We also thought Quay Commons' cups were rather nice).

That said, the food and wine are the main act here with breakfast, lunch, dinner and cakes aplenty. They're passionate foodies with proven form - pun intended - as their sop notch bakery is a big part of their offering. Their breads are cracking in their own right, but also perfect for showcasing some of Scotland's finest produce including cheeses, charcuterie, eggs, smoked fish, roasted veggies, salads and olives. And their cakes, biscuits and puddings are delightful and varied.

These are early days and Quay Commons are working through their dinner menu ideas. You can enjoy sharing platters and hearty meals - including vegetarian-friendly options - at communal tables, accompanied by quality wines. Quay Commons also operates as a wine shop so you can buy a bottle at off-licence prices, pay a corkage fee, and take home any you don't manage to finish.

We definitely need to return to try more of their fantastic menu and see how things continue to evolve. We envy the people who live nearby Quay Commons and can drop in any time!


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  1. Sounds lovely - a good single origin coffee and charcuterie selection never goes amiss!