Sunday 4 February 2018

Roundsquare Coffee House

132 Morningside Rd
EH10 4AH 
Open every day
Espresso, filter
Coffee: Roundsquare
Also: Beans, cakes, sandwiches 
Coolness: Super slick coffee gear abounds

Roundsquare Coffee House (4♥), have set up their coffee shop in busy Morningside Road near the locally famous Dominion Cinema. Their roastery is in Ayr - on Scotland's West coast - although owners have plans to roast from Edinburgh in the near future.

At their coffee shop you can expect to be served their house blend (Brazil-El Salvador) for espresso-based drinks as well as seasonal single estate beans for pour-over. They're using v60 for their filter coffee which they load up with the right dose of ground coffee and park it under one of their two Marco single serve precision brewers which installed in their serving bench. The precision brewer manages temperature, brewing time and water volume to deliver an accurate brew, while the barista juggles other orders.

These folks are pretty comprehensively involved in the coffee business. They supply San Remo espresso machines and Mahlkonig grinders to shops and hotels across Scotland, roast and supply their beans to other coffee shops and will soon be hosting Speciality Coffee Association of Europe training from this coffee shop. The end of the shop is set up with two espresso machines for this purpose, alongside other related coffee brewing equipment ready for eager baristas to polish their skills.

The decor is slick but warm. The back wall is covered with matt black tiles, which contrast smartly with the chrome coffee gear and the other white walls. And the smooth wooden benches, tables and stools are welcoming without crowding the space.

Food on offer includes made focaccia and sourdough toasted sandwiches and cakes & brownies from local artisans Au Gourmand and Grace and Co. Tea drinkers can choose from a wide range of Jenier Teas and you can, as you'd expect, buy bags of Roundsquare beans to take home.

All in all a friendly and welcome addition to the local coffee scene and we can expect to see things evolve from here!


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  1. Quite simply put, some of the best coffee in the country, served by the friendliest people in the world, my "happy place"