Thursday 1 February 2018

Slaughterhouse Coffee

Marine Terrace Nth
Next to Cromarty Ferry Slip Way
V11 8XZ, Cromarty
Open every day
Espresso, pour over
Coffee: Vandyke Bros Coffee and Darkwoods Coffee
Also: Cake, breads
Coolness: Beautiful view across the Cromarty Firth

Slaughterhouse Coffee is on the tippy tip of Cromarty, a matter of metres from where the Cromarty-Nigg ferry chuffs backwards and forwards from June to September. It's even closer to the Cromarty Firth waterline than the Cromarty Lighthouse, so you're guaranteed a pretty amazing view of waterborne creatures, birds and boats while you sip your coffee.

We're keen to get here, but haven't made it yet. That said it's definitely one for coffee lovers to put on their list if you're in the Black Isle area (where you'll also discover it's not an isle or black. Instead it's very much a fully attached mostly green land mass jutting out North of Inverness).

Owner Tony Vandyke originally hails from Australia and stocks his own roasted Vandykes Bros coffee - as well as West Yorkshire Pennine-based guests Darkwoods Coffee. You can also buy retail bags for home brewing.

The coffee shop itself looks like a modernised version of the wee wooden shed that originally graced this beautiful spot, but it now has all the latest creature comforts as well as plenty of outdoor seating - made from packing crates (with cushions) and large wooden cable reels for tables - so you can watch the world go by.

The map coordinates aren't quite correct on Google maps, but you can't miss Slaughterhouse Coffee if you keep going along Marine Terrace to the very end.

(Photos from Vandyke Bros instagram and Google maps)


Google maps still showed the original shed on this site
and this modern coffee shop fits the same footprint
as the original shed, which is very cool
- also love the street light!

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