Wednesday 20 April 2016

Habitat Cafe

2 The Square
PH15 2DD
Open every day
Espresso, aeropress, clever dripper, V60, Chemex, Woodneck, Kalita Wave
Coffee: Has Bean and guests
Also: Meals, coffee kit, beans
Coolness: Kick back with a Kalita Wave in the main square of picturesque Aberfeldy

Habitat Café (5♥) is a coffee lover's haven offering all the main brew methods and a variety of high quality beans - plus great food.

The coffee on offer is top class under the exacting eye of owner and super barista Mike. Has Bean is their key supplier and they have a seasonal and bespoke espresso blend called Scalliwags & Rogues (50% Guatemala El Limon and 50% Costa Rica El Potrero for example) and usually have at least two other filter choices. Plus you can buy bags of beans to take home. Mike and his team know a lot about coffee and take a great deal of care with every coffee they make.

On the subject of home, Habitat has a fair amount of tea and coffee making equipment neatly on display in the shop including keep cups, tea pots, aeropresses, drippers, filter papers, cups and jugs amongst others. (They're very serious about their tea and chocolate too and offer plenty of choice).

The food served at Habitat is also very good! As in... when it arrives at your table it looks like it's out of a food-lovers magazine. There's a wide menu that includes big breakfasts, big sandwiches, salads, soups, burgers and baps, including both gluten free and kid's menus. Yummy things include their signature sausage rolls and fish finger bap, plus grilled goats cheese and roasted beetroot salad, hot jalapeno burger and Dunkeld cold-smoked salmon platter... and plenty more!

The shop itself is very inviting, with big front windows looking on to the town square. There are plenty of chunky wooden tables inside and some Chesterfield type sofas. The service is very friendly and attentive, and they welcome kids and dogs as well as coffee lovers!

It's definitely worth planning your day trip, cycling or walking route around a meal, snack and coffee at Habitat - if you're not lucky enough to live in charming Aberfeldy.


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