Thursday 21 April 2016

Meadow Road

579 Dumbarton Rd
G11 6HY
Open every day
Espresso, aeropress, v60
Coffee: Dear Green and guests
Also: Meals, cakes, beans, kit
Coolness: Chunky timber with an arty feel

Meadow Road (4♥), north west of central Glasgow, has a gentle arty feel about it.

You'll have a choice between their bespoke Colombian Rwandan blend created by Glasgow roaster Dear Green and a variety of guests for aeropress and V60. (You can also pick up an aeropress if you're yet to discover this joyful piece of homebrew equipment!)

Their coffee is mighty fine and served in quirky, delicate pottery cups that chime with the feel of the down-to-earth shop. Big chunky timber shapes the decor - tables the serving counter, floor and walls all comprised of different woods.

The food is creative and made to a high standard. Apart from a wide array of cakes on display on the large serving counter, some stand-outs include vegan moroccan mushroom and dukkah sausage rolls, and Eggs Meadow Road:  Hot smoked salmon, avocado, spinach, cream cheese, poached egg and break they bake themselves.

We're fans of Meadow Road. Apart from great coffee, we really like the live-and-let-live atmosphere and down-to-earth friendliness. These things can't be over-rated in the world of specialty coffee!

More: Meadow Rd Facebook

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