Monday 18 April 2016

Papercup Coffee Great Western Road

603 Great Western Rd
G12 8HX
Open every day
Espresso, Cold brew, V60, aeropress
Coffee: Papercup
Also: Meals, beans
Coolness: Murals inspired by coffee - from crop to cup

Papercup Coffee (5♥) in Great Western Road is a small, unique, down-to-earth, perfectly formed coffee shop in Glasgow's West End.

Papercup Coffee is also one of Scotland's finer roasters so you'll enjoy their beans, all ethically and sustainably sourced, changing with 'what's great' at different times. Their current espresso blend is 60-40% Brazil Oura Verde and Kenya Asali which we found to be pretty punchy and on the darker side.

Their range has variety to suit palettes and brew methods. For example, Peruvian V60, Ethopian aeropress, Brazilian cold brew and Colombian decaf were all on offer on one of our visits. You can pick up Papercup beans at their shops (they have another on High Street) or buy them via their website for mail delivery on a one-off or subscription basis. And they run training courses including Home Brew, Barista Basics and Barista Advanced - bookable, and generally sold out, via their website.

So we've established the high calibre of coffee and expertise you have at your disposal when you visit this coffee shop!

This passion, ethical sourcing and creativity is also applied to the food. Despite what looks to be a titchy-wee food preparation area, you'll be blessed with a delightful, thoughtful and ever-changing food menu. To give you some mouth-watering examples... Smoothie bowls topped with seasonal fruit, nuts, seeds, goji and agave syrup. Avocado toast, feta, shraricha, lime, coriander and spring onion (add a poached egg). Baked eggs. Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and avocado. Vegan courgette and poppyseed cake. French toast with bacon and maple syrup. Carrot, lime and pistacio loaf.... and there's plenty more.

Seating is fairly tight with a long cushioned bench on one side, faced by chairs and tables. The décor is uniquely their own, which is refreshing when so many coffee shops look like they're all buying from the same online catalogue. The school style tables and chairs sit beneath an informative and artistic mural about the coffee production process, while other walls have Venetian lime wash overtones.

Papercup Coffee Western Road is a winner. The only disappointment is that you may need to wait for a seat!

More: Papercup Coffee Facebook

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